Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | August 3, 2009

We’re here…

The blog intro page says that in the time it takes to read this sentence, you’ll be blogging. That ain’t happenin’… We’ll just send a couple quick photos to prove we aren’t in Tahiti and work on our blogging over time.

The header and this photo were our first look at Grayling on July 28…

Grayling 4

We spent a lot of time exploring all the resources at the school and going through things in our classrooms. It was kind of like an archaeological dig/time line of teaching for the past 20-30 years. We’re drowning in resources and could have saved some time, money and energy by not mailing all those boxes of school files and materials from Sequim.

Drowning in Supplies 2

Looks like we’ve got a place lined up to live in…

Front of Cabin

and used the school 4-wheeler to haul our stuff over.

Moving Boxes 1

Three trips later and we were finished. Now it’s late (11:40 p.m.) but it’s not dark. Tomorrow is another day.

P.S. If you’re new to blogging (like we are), the comment box below will post your comment on the blog for all to see. If you’re writing something “for our eyes only”, send an email.



  1. Oh yeah … you’re home!! Much love and admiration from your Bellingham Buddies

  2. Well I would say for being new to blogging ya’ll have taken to it pretty well!

    Glad to see you got everything up there and I am excited to hear all about your adventures while you’re living there. Let me know if your new place has any beavers that need to be hunted and I will be there as fast as I can.

  3. Hans and Bonnie,

    How great it is to see you! I have been wondering how the move was going? It looks like it went well! I love your new rig and will be interested in the new school and how your year is going. Hans, I already miss you and school is a month away. All my best and good luck. BTW, I did not see the Starbucks? Pan further out next time you are in the air! =)

  4. Hey Bonnie and Hans! My previous comment didn’t show, so here I go again. I’m excited to follow your adventures back in Alaska. I’m inspired to go back in 20 years or so too.:) Cute cabin.

  5. BBB,
    So delightful to see images of the far north. JStart is most definitely NOT the same without you. A bit green that CPR gets to see you in nearly your element. Enjoy Anchorage and the new candidates. Much cheer! Christina

  6. Thanks for the update…was thinking how neat the bike computer is when I was going down a hill @ 29.0 mph today…kind of like texting though, I better keep my eyes on the trail.
    Charlie got a playmate tonight & she lives right around the corner…nice to see him tired instead of trying to dig a well in the backyard.
    All for now, another guest & I have to run & pick him up downtown.
    Dawn says Hi.
    Remember Stiver Expediters for your last minute needs.
    Robert also

  7. well there you are on the mighty Yukon..a bit wider than the upper Kobuk to say the least..I’ve been planning the last couple of nights to call you guys and see when U were leaving, but obviously you are already there and settled in..make sure to connect with Henry & Dolly Deacon and Gabe Nickoli
    Got a phone call tonight from Ralph-he was here for 2 days R & R from helitac crew-fighting fires..we are surrounded by fires and smoke is definitely going to be a major problem til snowfall or rainy season-if we have one. Ralph is looking forward to “taking care of Hans” he put it-this year..must think Hans is pretty elderly!!lol
    Also saw Greggy the other day @ FM-he was pretty surprised to learn of your new of luck in getting ready for school-not something that stirs my blood anymore..too busy building, hunting, exploring rivers, grandkids, etc. ttyl

  8. Bonnie’s room looks like someone’s been ordering from the Oriental Trading Co! Hans looks great in his Cartharts.

  9. Wow! Looks beautiful. Hans looks a little nervous on the quad. Have a great start of the year.

    See you,

  10. Looks like you will be BUSY for a while with all of the organizing! What a fun adventure.

  11. Looks good but… where’s my room? Both Hans and that vehicle he’s driving look a little too clean to me. Being the conspiracy theorist that I am I think you guys aren’t really in Grayling but are somewhere on the Hood Canal. Missing you both a ton. Virginia

  12. Love the blog and the e-update. Hope to get to see you in Alaska this time around.
    Your sister Susie

  13. Hey Bonnie & Hans! Great to see pictures of you and see that you’re settling in. Last week I was down in LA at a conference . Julie Walker from Anvik was there too. You’ll meet her if you have an inservice in McGrath. Good luck in your adventure and hope you take my class so I can come out and visit you.

  14. HELLO!! Wow, I’m being outdone on blog comments by friends of the fam. Great to match up the places you’ve been talking about with pictures. Thanks Dad for being so responsible with your coffee 🙂 and hope Mom ended up making it out to Anchorage. I’m chilling with Jack using the internet for writing a paper at the Lange’s and will be doing art with Martha in a couple hours. Holding down the fort in Sequim. MUCH LOVE.

  15. Hello Bonnie & Hans. So good to read your blog. Remember us from the O2O bike ride in 2000. Loved seeing the pictures of your new habitat. Looks very peaceful. We have follow your adventures through John & Helen. We too have had many travel adventures. Includes some great biking trips. Just returned from a 6 weeks adventure in China & Thailand. Hello to Anna and Hans C. Good to touch basis with you again. Love to you both. Pat & Ellen

    • Hi Pat and ellen, Hans and Bonnie…
      Alaska, thiland, china. all of you get around
      I am so interested in hearing more. Anne Gerleman from the O2O

  16. Wow…. the adventure has begun!! Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful pics (and captions) to let us share a bit. It’s great that there is so many resources to choose from and that you have them time to start sifting…. Have you had a chance meet many of the village yet? Any major functions?? Bingo?? I’m already excited to see the snow pictures!!
    Miss you already!

  17. Great to see you two in Grayling, and to see some familiar names in the comments. I’m looking forward to following your blog!

  18. I am glad you made it OK. It looks pretty remote.

    Do you have a data connection at the school, or at home?
    Do you have access to videoconferencing equipment?
    I wonder if there are any learning opportunities if we could link classes occasionally with videoconference equipment between classrooms (here to there)? I expect many of the schools here would be excited about the virtual adventure.

    I look forward to seeing any updates as the weather sets in over the next few months.

    My dad always told me the two most important things to have on hand were Firewood and Salmon. I imagine you have plenty of both.
    Good Luck.

  19. Bonnie and Hans,

    Wow! I so admire your adventurous spirits and the details included in the blog. Thanks for sharing.

    As Christina noted, Jump Start was not the same without Bonnie. Enjoy!


  20. Long way from a bike…… did you take the old college bike with????

  21. It’s great to see your blog. After a close study, I can agree that it’s not Tahiti, but it looks like a wonderful adventure regardless. It makes me want to see Alaska again.

    Best wishes and best of luck,

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