Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | August 5, 2009

Happy 24th!

Twenty-four years ago today we were in Alaska at the Fairbanks hospital; beaming with pride as we welcomed Hans C into the world. Here’s to wishing him more of the great things in life!

Happy Birthday, HC!

Happy Birthday, HC!

… and Anna, not to be left out or outdone, here’s a picture for you.

Triple Certified: Organic, Shade-grown, Fair Trade

Triple Certified: Organic, Shade-grown, Fair Trade

Tony’s Coffee, Obama cup, running water… life is good. Found lots of double certified coffee in Anchorage, but had to special order Tony’s triple certified from Bellingham thanks to Anna’s socially responsible influence on Hans’ drinking habits.



  1. Happy Birthday, Hans C.!
    Where have these 24 years gone, since our babies were babies?

  2. Well I see you’re shirking your blooger’s duties a bit recently..could it be that school start-up is imminent? I’m off up the Dalton Hwy Monday in search of caribou for 7-10 days or so..hope the weather is agreeable.
    Bonnie-Cora & I have enjoyed your hanging flower basket-almost time for a frost I reckon..thanks again for the colors and thoughts..good luck with school-have fun with the kids!

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