Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | August 22, 2009

Construction: But is it progress?

Went for a walk this morning because it was a beautiful day here; about 40 degrees and no bugs, if you stayed in the breeze. We headed south, down river, over the Grayling Creek bridge and past the airport construction work. It’s a big project with big machinery.

No, we didn't leave town for the weekend. This is the Grayling Creek Bridge.

No, we didn't leave town for the weekend. This is the Grayling Creek Bridge. (Can you spot Hans?)

Big truck; one of many

Big truck; one of many

MV Grayling tug pushing the gravel barge

M.V. Grayling tug pushing the gravel barge

Heavy equipment on the barge; unloading gravel (lots)

Heavy equipment ON the barge; unloading gravel (lots)

Drawbridge up and off she goes...

Drawbridge up, and off she goes...

The Yukon is big enough to get barges in here all summer. That’s how all the heavy equipment and the bridge got here. The supply barge comes from Nenana and another one will arrive after midnight tonight with more supplies and equipment. (We probably won’t stay up to see it.)

And, back at school, we’ve been busy constructing lesson plans for next week. Yup, three days of school are history. We’ve met the kids, have begun to learn something about one another, our interests and families, and are off to a great start. The Superintendent will be here on Monday and Tuesday (flies out from McGrath in a bush plane and will camp in the pre-school classroom). He tries to visit each school and village several times a year and Grayling is first on his list.

We try to have something for everyone in these blogs (hence the heavy equipment photos), so here are some shots of our classrooms for those of you who have been asking…

Hans' classroom (grades 3-5)

Hans' classroom (grades 3-5)

Bonnie's K-2 room

Bonnie's K-2 room

Wondering where all the stuff went? The school has a HUGE attic!

Wondering where all the stuff went from Bonnie's classroom? The school has a HUGE attic!

Anna made this great sign for outside my classroom door. Is she talented or what?

Anna made this great sign for outside Bonnie's classroom door. Thanks, Anna!

When we were walking home after school on Friday, we saw one of Bonnie’s kindergarten students walking with her grandma about 50 yards away. When she recognized us, she exclaimed, “That’s my teacher!” And then she yelled, “Hi, Mrs. A.!” We sure laughed; a good way to end the week. Guess Monday’s learning target for Bonnie will be to reteach her name…

Hans "Skyping" with Billy & Melissa

Hans "Skyping" with Billy & Melissa

This morning Wayne showed us how to do Skype, which burned up a good part of the day when we should have been doing lesson plans, but it’s pretty cool and it’s free. Billy and Melissa were our first Skypers–it was fun, but kind of weird to see ourselves on the screen.

Last construction thought: It helps to know your environment before you build.

BBB by high water marker

BBB by high water marker

In Grayling the utility poles indicate the high water mark from flooding. The top sign says ” Recommended Building Elevation” so you’ll know how high to build new construction.

Is there a lesson there for us as educators???? It’s getting late. Tomorrow’s another day (good thing, because we didn’t get it all done today!).



  1. Your rooms look great…Bonnie’s “Before” and “After” pictures show what a good sorter she is! The bridge over the creek is pretty amazing, too. What needs to go over that bridge?

  2. Thanks for doing this blog, it is nice.
    As for that bridge, I would have went with a ferry.

  3. Hello Hans and Bonnie,
    Your classrooms look in order….schools in session…..what more can you ask for. It’s good to see that you’re enjoying yourselves in the new environment. Change can be good in small doses. I say this because Travis is officially at college. I know he will have the time of his life but it was hard to say goodbye…..As you both know. Keep up the good work guys !!! Ryan sends his best too!
    Bev Smith

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