Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | August 30, 2009

An apple a day…

According to the Center for Disease Control, “a growing body of research shows that fruits and vegetables are critical to promoting good health. To get the amount that’s recommended, most people need to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables they currently eat every day”. That isn’t so easy out here in the bush. Well, eating them isn’t a problem. Getting them here is. Last week we had visitors from the district office in McGrath and that meant that they needed to get back home. That meant there would be a plane coming from McGrath to pick them up. Luckily Matthew told us that the AC store there would take a phone order and have it delivered to the plane. Wow! What an opportunity. Here’s what we got:

Look at those beautiful colors!

Look at those beautiful colors!

Okay, so tortillas and cheese aren’t a fruit OR vegetable, but we couldn’t get them here. That’s our entire order right there sitting in front of BBB. So…. what was the bill? Just for the items you see there. There weren’t any shipping or handling charges. Here’s a close up…

Groceries from McGrath

Groceries from McGrath

Ready for the answer?  Scroll down…

$84.65. Yup $84.65, and worth every penny! Here’s what else you should know. In the past if there was a bit of wilted lettuce or a little squishy part of a tomato, I’d put it in the compost pile. Not these days. Every little bit of edible freshness is consumed. So what about groceries in the village you wonder? There is a small store that sells everything from a bolt to a dust pan to pilot bread to frozen pizza to canned beans to Pampers and pop. It’s mostly canned or boxed goods and that’s why we were so excited to get a chance to call to McGrath for fresh food. Guess what? The next day our little store got in a small shipment of fresh food. There were even bananas. So, for the next couple of meals we’ll be doing our part to comply with the CDC’s recommendations. In fact, we’re on our way now to eat a salad. As pretty to look at as it is good to eat!



  1. Oh, my…I’m going to appreciate my garden veggies even more after seeing the price of yours!

  2. OMG!!!! It is so good to see you two! I’ve been wondering how the trip went, and how the adjustment was going. You look like you’re right at home! I shared your pictures and messages with Ron. The price of veggies got to him! I guess I won’t complain about picking and canning beans!
    I LOVE the commentaries with your pictures and will look forward to seeing them as your adventures continue!

  3. Hans, we just started school yesterday and I have to admit that I was sad not to see you and your lunch bowl coming down the hall. Every year is a new start and I am very thankful that things started calm and mellow. The kids seem really nice, but we have 696 of them! Staffed for 660… welcome to Sequim!
    I am glad it is going well for the two of you, enjoy!

  4. Man and I thought it was expensive to shop in Seattle. That is crazy! But glad to hear that you guys were able to get a shipment, I can’t imagine going without tomatoes. I saw your other blog about Skype I will have to search for you guys and add you on my Skype. Glad all is going well and excited for further updates! Hans are you gonna do any hunting while you are up there? I hope so!

  5. sounds like one of these might be a great idea up there…or two of them.

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