Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | September 20, 2009

Comings and Goings

Remember Wayne the shop teacher? About a week ago he was helping Matthew and Hans unload a 600 pound window from an airplane, slipped on a roller in the floor of the plane, and broke his leg above his artificial knee–ouch! Hans stayed with him at the clinic here until they could med-evac him out. He arrived in Anchorage about 9 and a half hours after falling. Yup, we’re a long way away from things like hospitals. Good news is that he had surgery and as of talking with him today, he says he has no pain, though getting to the bathroom is a major project. His wife Cathy is with him in Anchorage and they’ll fly back to Ohio as soon as the doctor gives the okay (probably on Tuesday). “I’ll tell you what–we miss him!” He hopes to be back between mid-November and the first part of December. His doctor says he can’t have any weight on that leg for two months.  (We’ll include a photo when Wayne sends us one–he made sure he had the whole event covered digitally.)

When we were in McGrath 18 years ago, there was a student who needed a place to stay. He lived with us and finished out his senior year to graduate from McGrath High School. Fast forward to Grayling 2009. There’s a foreign exchange student here who needed a place to stay. Yup, he’s staying with us. His name is Stig (pronounced Stee) and he’s from Denmark. His English is excellent and we’re looking forward to spending time with him.

Hans and Stig

Hans and Stig

Welcome to the U. S., Stig!

Now it’s time for us to go home. Marilyn is cooking up a storm and we’ll be having dinner with some Grayling folks tonight.

Last year on September 27 it started snowing and it “stuck” until May. Thank goodness Bre had an extra pair of boots that fit Bonnie perfectly. The next post might look like winter….



  1. Bonnie & Hans

    I’m checking every Sunday night to see what’s new with you.

    Love reading about your adventures and the pictures are wonderful.

    Keep them coming. db

  2. Haven’t checked the site for awhile but it looks like you’re having a fun adventure out there. Bet you’re keeping so busy that you have no time to be homesick. Will send an email. NIce pictures.
    Happy winter!

  3. How great to see and hear about your lives in the Yukon. Makes Michigan seem too busy and not very grounded in reality. I suspect you’ve had even more snow and are really looking winter in the face by now.

    The artwork from the children is TERRIFIC–these are lovely paintings with great sense of composition and form. Wow!

    Take care and Happy Thanksgiving. All kids will be home and we’re having our 16th annual Turkey Cup–a Thanksgiving morning family soccer game that draws about 60 people of all ages. Wonderful fun.


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