Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | October 11, 2009

Warm in this Global Spot

Supposedly we’re living in Alaska. Today’s sunrise was at 9:00 am and sunset will be at 7:18 tonight for a total of 10 hours and 18 minutes. Last year at this time there was snow. More like feet than inches. They had to shovel the snow to build the chicken coop. This year is different.

Temperature in the shade

Temperature in the shade; Sunday, Oct. 11, noon

It was even warmer in the sun. We had folks over for brunch and “lost” two of them to the sunny deck.

Thermometer on the deck of the house; Oct. 11

Thermometer on the deck of the house; Oct. 11

We’re confused and so are the plants.

Green, green, green plants

Green, green, green plants outside the cabin

Buds on the willows

Buds on the willows

Chris Duff who lives in Port Angeles has paddled his kayak a lot. Really a lot. Like all the way around Ireland and New Zealand. He says he’s the most nervous paddling when it’s calm–it can only get worse. Although we’re enjoying the warm weather, we’re nervous. Global warming; can it only get worse?



  1. When Brad checked the weather site this a.m., it was 39 degrees in Grayling, 46 degrees in Sterling, and 29 degrees in Sequim. Hmmm..I guess I should have picked the rest of the tomatoes yesterday.

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