Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | October 25, 2009

The World in Black and White (mostly)

This week wasn’t the same old week for the older students. On Monday and Tuesday the middle school kids from the district gathered (by airplanes) in Holy Cross for a volleyball clinic/tournament. From Wednesday to Friday the district high schoolers came to Grayling and we hosted a volleyball clinic/tournament. There were 26 extra high school kids here (and their chaperones) playing volleyball by day and sleeping in classrooms by night. Our school cook, Eleanor, was extra busy feeding them and many village folks found their way to the gym for the evening games. Luckily all the visitors made it here and back home before the weather closed in.

It’s dark now in the morning when we come to school and still dark when the kids arrive. Bonnie has had to change the time of her class weather observations until it’s light enough to see. And there’s lots to see down by the river.

River ice, Oct. 24

River ice, Oct. 24

Ice started coming down the river last week and with the colder temperatures there’s been more and more each day. Seeing it is pretty cool, watching it is better, but hearing it is the best. Take a look at this…

Bonnie convinced Hans it would be worth it to upgrade this blog site to include video–dragging him kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Hope you enjoy it! (The sound is a bit distorted, so we’ll see if we can figure that out….)



There’s more of the white stuff coming down as I type. I’m heading home now to join Hans for a bowl of chili.



  1. Oh video!! Very cool and nice to see your faces/ hear your voices 🙂

    And I thought it was chilly in Bellingham….

  2. I agree with Anna. Video is a wonderful addition to your site. Brrr…the ice on the river made me appreciate our rain!

  3. Hi you two, Looks very cold. Travis brought home some college friends and one was from Anchorage. When we told him where you were he just chuckled. I read about your volleyball clinic and it made me think of Travis. He played intramural volleyball at school and his team just won the playoffs….he was very excited. Stay as warm as possible and keep the videos coming.
    Bev Smith

  4. Thanks for including the video. It helps to bring your adventure to life. I am so glad you are sharing. Remember, the person who splits their own firewood is warmed twice by the same stick.

    You are both so brave. I find it inspirational how the two of you uprooted and headed north in spite of the cold and isolation. It hard to believe the river is already freezing. I would have expected it to freeze sometime in mid December. Do planes have somewhere to land while the river is in its transitional phase (between clear of ice and frozen)? I can’t help but wonder what challenges lie ahead for the winter. It is so exciting.

    Thanks for keeping the blog up to date. I look forward to reading it.

  5. I just flew a couple of Kona layovers. It’s very boring–85 degrees every day and 75 every night. Much more interesting and varied where you are 🙂 The Eskimo on the tail of the Alaska jet always looks pretty happy sitting in the sun on the tarmac though.

  6. Cool video. I did not know how moving water could freeze, now I get it.

  7. Hans & Bonnie!

    I am loving the video of the ICE going by! Wow even though you are bundled up it looks freezing out there.

    I am doing homework in the library with your lovely daughter today, and we are much warmer in our hoodies than it looks out on that river!

    Have a good weekend


  8. I just discovered your blogs. Been sharing it. Any interest in becoming penpals with some suburban Idaho kids? So great to see you guys in your element!

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