Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | November 1, 2009

Halloween in Grayling

No one in Grayling dressed up as the swine flu or an i-phone or the Public Opinion for Health Care or Facebook, but there were plenty of creative, funny, spooky and interesting costumes along with plenty of fun last night. It all began with trick-or-treating from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. At about 10 degrees and with an almost full moon it was a perfect night to be out.

Halloween time 09 013

First two trick-or-treaters

These two were the first scary visitors to our house; 5:00 on the dot. We almost played a bad trick on them…  The skeleton mask made it difficult to see and that little guy almost missed the steps and would have fallen 3 feet off the deck to the frozen ground. After that, everyone got the “watch for the steps” warning along with their candy.

Halloween time 09 018


Halloween time 09 015

Everything from Angels to Devils

Halloween time 09 016


Halloween time 09 014


We don’t know where all the store-bought costumes came from (Anchorage? mail order? on-line?), but there sure were a lot of them and you could hardly tell there were coats and snowpants underneath.

The school and community teamed up to put on a carnival in the gym from 7:00 to 10:00. The tradition has been that the older kids decorate and run the carnival for the younger kids (with some adult help).

Halloween time 09 021

Carnival: a family event

Halloween time 09 020

Cake walk cakes (eat your heart out Nancy)

Halloween time 09 024

Cute as a bug

Copy of Halloween time 09 023

"What are you supposed to be?"

Hans ran the bowling game and Bonnie ran the “pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern” game (which was a new carnival game here). There were also fishing games, drop the coin in the water tank, balloon pop, face painting, pinata, cake and costume contests and hamburgers for sale. Everybody in town was here; a good ol’ community event.

Based on last week’s comments, here is some more artwork, this time Halloween themed… (thanks to Martha and Carrie for their inspiration and expertise).

Halloween time 09 008

2nd grader

Halloween time 09 007

Kindergarten artist

After studying bones, skeletons and joints, the K-2 kids did this project focusing on drawing a skull and vertebrae and warm color background:

Halloween time 09 012

Kindergarten student

Halloween time 09 009

Kindergarten artist

Although there were lots of Halloween concepts kids here knew about, there was one thing that was new to the K-2 class. . . a real pumpkin. Karen came out from the district office and brought one with her on the plane.

Halloween time 09 003

Ewwww! Slimy seeds

Halloween time 09 001

Hollow inside

Halloween time 09 005

Finished jack-o-lantern

Thanks to Dawn and Robert for scanning garage sales in Anchorage and sending the skeleton’s hat, beard and cape. Thanks to the school for having a skeleton in the attic!

One student was so fascinated with the pumpkin that when it was time for school to end on Friday, he said, “Can I please just stay here with the pumpkin tonight? I’ll be good.” We had meetings after school so he had to leave. About an hour later, he showed up at the school and asked if he could please see the pumpkin again for a little while. He knelt down and stared into its eyes and stroked its cheeks. After the carnival last night he won a “drawing” and got to take the pumpkin home.

Halloween time 09 006

Happy Halloween!



  1. Love those ‘drawings’ where the best kid wins. what a treasure you passed on to him. Also LOVE the artwork, stellar. Bonnie, your photos are wonderful, the kids smiles are telling. Enjoy.

  2. Thank you for posting this great window into your Alaska life. Loved the artwork and especially enjoyed the story of the little boy who fell in love with the pumpkin.

  3. It looks like you had a happy Halloween.

    My boys and I have been following your blog regularly. We all think it is very exciting. I want to take them to Alaska some day for vacation but they are only 4 and 7 so I will need to wait a few years. I was fun to sit in front of the fire the other day and imagine what it might be like at the bank of a frozen river. We have been doing some activities that also help to bring the experience home for us. Hopefully you will find out about them soon.

    Good luck and please keep sharing.

  4. How fun! The kids were adorable. I can’t believe you didn’t let that kid stay the night with the pumpkin. He said he’d be good! It’s always fun to check on your blog. Thanks for the entertainment!

  5. Bonnie in make-up? And where was Hans’ cape?

  6. what..Hans didn’t shave the beard this time for Halloween?? We sometimes always tell that Shungnak story. Your blog is really something..keep up the great entries.

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