Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | November 14, 2009

The Alaska You Were Expecting

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… It snowed a lot of the fluffy, powdery kind for about three days earlier this week and, after living where we had to drive to snow, it was wonderful to be back in this kind of weather.

November Snow 014

First Real Snow

Hans skied to school in the mornings, Bonnie walked, but others came via different modes of transportation.

November Snow 004

School Parking Lot

November Snow 002

Staff and Student Machines

By the end of the week it had warmed up to almost 30 degrees which made lots of icicles.

November Snow 010

Icicles on the School Roof

November Snow 008

View Out the Window

It was -20 when we got up this morning, and although we’d talked about skiing today, the cold was an early morning deterrent. It warmed up to about -5, so we slapped on the skis and took off.

November Snow 017

Beside Grayling Creek

November Snow 021

Heading Toward the River

November Snow 022

On the Mighty Yukon

November Snow 026

Bonnie and Big Ice

November Snow 027

Made it to the Other Side

November Snow 031

Heading Back to the Village

November Snow 033

Got Back Just Before the Sun Dipped Behind the Hills

We’d like to thank all the geese, sheep, martins and fox who made our warmth possible.

November Snow 023

Mighty Bonnie on the Yukon

November Snow 032

Have a Good Week!

November Snow 015

Home: Snug and Warm



  1. It is unbelievable to me that you can cross the river already. It seem like I just watched it freezing on the video you posted.
    When I went to lunch today I thought it was very cold (45 degrees). Ill bet that wood Hans split up is coming in handy now.
    Stay warm.

  2. Bonnie & Hans

    Just went through all your postings. How did I completely miss October? Busy here as usual – looks like you’re enjoying your experience. Ice is amazing. I liked the video – didn’t realize how much I missed hearing your voices. Marla shared the picture of the kids with their backpacks. Could their smiles be any bigger? Take care. Miss you.

  3. Saw henry and Dolly Deacon at the Fiddlers Festival last weekend..didn’t realize they R living in Anchortown due to Dolly’s health, so I told them all the Grayling news from your blog site..busy here with drum performances..just finished 8th school today..we were over at Woodriver Elem yesterday and saw Greg..he says hi..planning for a powwow on the 28th during Thanksgiving break..lucky you two saved your marten hats and gear all those years-looks like it’s coming in handy. I’m hoping to get out to my cabin on the Chatanika on Monday if it warms up just a bit..have a good and relaxing Thanksgiving break

  4. Hans —was that Dwight Beavers on his ski going across the river????

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