Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | December 5, 2009

U.S. Ski Team… Not!

We’re not on the U.S. Ski Team and even if they happen to see this post, they probably won’t be knocking our door down asking us for tips. We intentionally don’t go very fast (yeah right); who’d want to miss out on any of the scenery?

Big trees in this part of the state

Skiing on snowmachine trails

Skiing here is easy. Put on your ski clothes. Put on your ski boots. Step outside. Clip in. Ski. There are lots of options for scenery: spruce trees, birch/larch trees, willow-lined trails, the river…

The school has skis for about one-third of the kids at a time, so Friday Hans took the first group out. Sorry, no photos. He was too busy helping the ones that fell over get back up.



  1. I really enjoy checking out your blog every week or so! You two are making the best of it for sure.
    We went to a soup party last night with all the Sunday biker group. It was fun, but made us miss you! Keep up the good work!

  2. I am certainly impressed by your adaptations to the conditions there. Tell Hans to get in lots of practice picking up those little kids but to also work on some of the big ones, then I can join you sometime and know that he can help me up. Sure.
    We are frigid–35 today and 12 last night with just a smattering of snow. Bet your jealous?
    Thanks for sharing–do think of you often.
    PS Is that ice on your upper lip Bonnie?

  3. I really do enjoy your weekly blog. Wish we had some of your exuberance here at The Lodge. The building is all decorated for holidays and as usual it’s beautiful. Elsie

  4. Hey,

    We got caught up on your bolg tonight. Holy Cow!
    That is an amazing place, my favorite is the big screen TV among all the harshness of the Yukon.

    Enjoy, we miss you both here in Sequim.
    Merry Christmas… vinny and dena

  5. I got your card today so was excited to be able to keep track of you guys! Looks like an amazing place to be. You are amazing to be there, too! I will add your blog to my favorites so I can see what you are up to next. XXOO Diane

  6. I have seen BIG FOOT OF THE NORTH—-

  7. I’m getting to blog with you after I got your Christmas card…..I may come out of retirement for a trip to see you !!!! Give me a call Hans—I have some news for you or give me your email address.

  8. Merry Christmas, looks like the two of you are having a great year. We have enough snow to cross country ski. John will have to get his skies waxed and ready to go. Love the kids art work. Stay warm. Helen

  9. Arrigaa! You’re back! Nanu-nanu!
    What fun news to get! I should have figured you’d be SOMEWHERE along the Iditarod! It’ll be so cool to see you guys sometime. Hope that school is going well. We’re all blessed with good health. I am in Anchorage for meetings and shopping for a car. Got to get your email and let you see the “little princess” at our house.

  10. Merry Christmas ……..
    Thanks for the Christmas card. loved it.
    I teach kids to nordic ski here in colorado.
    Try this with the kids who fall. It’s called the turtle. Have them lay on their back with the skies up in the air. Have them grab the tips.and hold on, then roll forward still holding the tips of the skies. It works.
    They will be upright in a second without your help… and it’s fun…
    take care

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