Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | December 19, 2009

Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

It looks like we’ll have a white Christmas! For those of you who like the winter weather information, yesterday was -45 degrees and we had 4 hours and 38 minutes of sunlight. Monday is winter solstice so soon we’ll be gaining daylight–hooray. Friday was the end of the semester, the last day of school for the next two weeks, and the school Christmas program. Hans and Bonnie’s kids put on “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. From the audience reaction during the play, we’re calling it a success.

Christmas Tree, Mr. Grinch, & Max

KSKO radio just said that tomorrow’s temperatures are expected to get to 35 ABOVE, so that will be 80 degrees warmer in 24 hours!!!  We’re glad that while it was still cold we grabbed the Flip camera and filmed this little treat…

Other signs of the season…

Hans' Classroom

Merry Christmas!



  1. Hans C. and I are sitting in a warm coffee shop in Seattle and just watched the video clip. It’s like a re-run of the tape from our childhood! Very cool. I’m off to Sequim on Monday and am excited to hold down the fort 🙂 MUCH LOVE and we’ll chat sometime soon.

  2. Thanks for another fun installment! The costumes and set looked great. From Anna’s response, I can see that we need to track her down this week.

  3. MERRY CHRISTMAS! MERRY CHRISTMAS! You are in the North though not the Pole; even so your video looks like Pole material and you do have a resident Santa (isn’t that Santa throwing out the HOH?) so do have fun. Thanks for that picture. Miiss You. Elsie

  4. I love that trick!!

  5. I’m sure the two of you have enough warmth to make it through ANY winter, you make global warming a GOOD thing! Anyway, just stopped by to wish you and all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Decade!

  6. Loved your science experiment photo. Will be thinking of it this second time I swim in the ocean today. It got down to 75 degrees last night here in Puerto Viejo, we had to snuggle to stay warm under the sheets!

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