Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | January 12, 2010

What We Do (may or may not be interesting to you)

Last year in Grayling, three houses burned down. We didn’t want to be in that situation, so Saturday Hans cleaned the chimney. It was about zero;  a perfect time to let the woodstove burn out. Hans did the rooftop work and Bonnie was inside watching to make sure the stovepipe didn’t come apart or break. She also worried about Hans falling off the roof.

Chimney Sweep Hans

Bonnie has spent some time creating…

Knitting wristers

We first learned of these useful cold-weather accessories, wristers, when we were in Shungnak. The top loop keeps them from sliding up your arm and they’re perfect for not getting cold or frostbite on your wrists in the mitten/coat gap.

There were lots of old magazines piled in boxes. What to do with them?

Magazine bowl

Magazine bowl -- top view

We spend time sweeping off the deck because the snow piles up high. It hardly ever gets windy down here in this part of town. The snow is probably 18 -24 inches high or more on top of this pipe.

Snow piling up

Not having a snowmachine means we’re walking. Everyday there’s something to notice.

New Year's Blue Moon

This little spot has a lot of things like a city hall, post office, store, electric company, water/sewer, but here’s no garbage company, so we take our trash out to the landfill (a couple miles from town). We borrowed a snowmachine and sled and off we went.

Living up here, you never know what you may be asked to do. Like when Hans was asked to be Santa. Here’s another request we received: judging a New Year’s contest in the lower 48 via photos and email. After lengthy deliberation, the results are finally in.

New Year's Contest

As you can see, the competition was fierce and some people have no shame or sense of propriety. The contestant in the middle was the second runner up and also won the Miss Congeniality Award. The person on the right was first runner up and also won the Most Historically Accurate Award. The person on the left was the overall winner and also won the Most Skin Showing Award. After months of seeing bundled up bodies, how could we resist not noticing all that skin?

With the past few days of high winds, we were having technical difficulties with uploading and internet connections. The winds are gone and so are our problems. Sorry for the delay.

Wishing you all a happy 2010!



  1. Did Hans have to walk home after the dump run? It looked like you just left him there Bonnie. The sound of the snowmobile brought back memories of time in Alaska. I hope you are having a good year.

  2. Thank you for writing about your everyday life.

    Thank you for writing about you everyday life. It actually seems more interesting than living here,although Beth does provide projects etc. One of these days I shall get back with the program. No funny grandcchildren this time around. Love to yu, Elsie

  3. It’s been fun following your adventures! The everyday life in a small Alaskan village is very interesting. How are your classes going? Do you have a pretty set curriculum?

    Looks like you are having a great time!
    God Bless,

  4. No excuses, except two busy teen kids , for not repsonding sooner. However, I’ m sure Hans’ ears have been ringing due to the fact often and usually at the diiner table one of the kids will remark, “Mr. Boenish was the best math teacher ever, I miss him!” Hans, I hope you know how much the kids appreicated you and your efforts to make sure everone “got it!” Bonnie, I miss our in-depth conversations about solving all the ills of public education. Ha Ha!

    Enjoy your adventure and keep sharing!
    Keep warm,

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