Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | January 30, 2010

100 Days, but who’s counting?

Tuesday was the 100th day of school for this year; the K-2 kids were counting and keeping track since day #1  way back in August. The daily progression of yellow post it notes (one for each school day) marched along the top of the molding around the classroom and as the big day drew near, excitement grew. Like many schools and classrooms across the U.S. (or is this 100th day of school an international event?), we decided that it would be a good reason for a little break from the regular routine; a little reason to celebrate. Hans and Bonnie’s kids teamed up for a variety of explorations on that key number, 100.

Hans' students fold more than 100 paper cranes!

Two rows of 50 cranes

Two rows of 50 cranes greeted students on the morning of 100’s Day, hanging from the lights in the main hall of the school. Other activities included:

Partner reading 100 books!

Sticker proof of 100 books read.

100 M&M's Color Graph

Making 100's Day Snack (100 of each item)

100 Teddy Bears

100 Teddy Bears

100-piece Tinker Toy Structure

100's Day Glasses

Other projects included 100 drops of water, painted fingernails with 100 dots, measuring 100 feet in the hall, 100 equations for 100; and on and on and on. Items were grouped by 5’s, 10’s, 20’s, 25’s and 50’s. Items were counted and recounted for accuracy. Older students and visitors to the school oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ed and ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ed at the huge display of projects in the hall.

The big question at the end of the day:
“Can we have 101 Day tomorrow?”



  1. I enjoy the 100 Day glasses and wonder where you got the painted fingernails with 100 dots idea from? 🙂 Much love.

  2. Yes, Anna, I fondly remember those fingernail days…and what about the 100 braids, Bonnie?

  3. You bet, there will be a 101 day and then some. What a clever idea–100 days. Now they know the year is over 1/2 over. And for you it means that you will be coming out soon— well kind of.
    Still love your blog and miss it when it’s not there. Love to yu’

  4. This makes me miss teaching!
    thanks for sharing,

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