Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | February 28, 2010

Nothing Like a Little Trip to Town

The Alaska Society for Technology Education (ASTE) Conference was in Anchorage last week and so were we. It was the first time since mid-August that we’d ventured more than about three miles from our house. There had been a junior/senior high school basketball clinic and PROM for kids in McGrath earlier in the week, so we hopped on a back-haul plane and flew to Aniak.

Got everything packed?

The school snowmachine took our bags to the plane (we walked) and then we flew in this Caravan to Aniak.

Grayling in the winter

We’d (mostly Hans) been wondering how to get up Blueberry Hill on snowshoes or skis and thanks to the bird’s eye view, now we have a much better idea how to attempt it.

Blueberry Hill

There was less and less snow as we headed south and the scenery kept us occupied.

Somewhere between Grayling and Aniak

Inside of the plane BEFORE we hit the turbulence that caused us to hit our heads on the ceiling of the plane and to feel our luggage trying to come through the floor…

There was no "bumps ahead" warning

We landed safely in Aniak, deplaned and walked cautiously on sheets of ice to the temporary terminal (the old one burned down in January). From there we took a larger plane to Anchorage and in about 90 minutes we were there.

The conference was from Saturday through Tuesday. There aren’t any photos of us there because we were too busy learning all about interactive Promethean Boards, i-movie, Garageband (Hans created some pretty crazy reggae tunes), Web 2.0, and other useful technology applications. In the evenings we were either shopping (visualize us at Costco with two full carts) or eating at restaurants. We give them all a two thumbs up!

Glacier Brewhouse

Moroccan soup at Orso's - yum!

Humpy's, featuring art by Ray Troll

Hans with our waiter at Snow City Cafe

One night there was a gathering of the conference participants at the museum.

All the real stuff from the movie

We spent most of our time in the Alaska exhibits, but did manage to wander through the visiting Star Wars collection.

Eat your heart out Dougie Fresh!

We topped off the five days with a trip to Iditarod Headquarters where Hans’ student’s winning Iditarod button was for sale.

Winning student Iditarod button for 2010

No more "Mrs. B."

We still have the Mrs. B. van, but don’t be looking for those plates any more. I guess this means we’re officially Alaskan residents.

Outside Captain Cook Hotel

Good-bye, Anchorage. See you in mid-May. It was a nice little trip to town, but coming back and hearing someone from the village say “welcome home” was nice, too.

Strange weather this week: last Saturday it was RAINING in Grayling; this morning it’s a balmy 42 below. The Iditarod Sled-dog Race (“The Last Great Race on Earth”) starts next Saturday, so 18″ of new snow in Anchorage and the colder weather will be welcome. Till next time… Happy Trails!



  1. It is so fun to read of your adventures. Please continue as it is so entertaining an a great exercise in imagining life way up there. Love it! Can I get a personal email address so I can email you?

  2. Love your posts. Makes me feel like I am having the same adventure.
    I had read the 2 women’s story when we went to Alaska in ’01.
    Keep on sharing, and thanks.
    Take care,

  3. Ah, a trip to the city plus a chance to spend all your hard earned money at Cosco. Have enough STUFF to last you for the next 3 months? Glad to hear you are back in your cozy digs. #My big happening was wild blackberry pie a la mode at Chimicum Cafe, lunch yesterday! Read and salivate. #Hello, Marla. Elsie

  4. Reading this makes me feel like I should go back to my roots so I picked up an ANC layover at the end of the month. We stay at the Captain Cook and I like to eat at the Brew Pub and Snow City Cafe. I’ll think of you this time when I’m there!

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