Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | April 4, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flowers?

No April showers here. This morning was above zero though; snowing. But there are some signs of spring….

Sign of Spring #1 – This week students in grades 3-12 will participate in the required Alaska state testing. The test booklets have been inventoried, bar codes applied to the cover of each book and answer sheet, and the #2 pencils are all sharpened up. This is the chance for kids to show they’re not left behind; the chance for the school to meet AYP. When we think of all the money spent on testing and the loss of time for art, music, projects… well, let’s not go there; this is a happy blog.

Sign of Spring #2 – Kids have been sledding all winter. Homework for Friday was to bring your sled to school for the afternoon, all-school-sledding activity.

Walk, run or ride to the hill.

Gathering at the bank

Pile on, push off...



Big load


Back up the hill for another run.

No tears because of injury. No tears because of the cold. Only tears when we had to quit.

Sign of Spring #3 – Time for lighter wear.

Hans & Sophie in their matching Kuuvangmiut Mushers sweatshirts

Happy Easter!



  1. I really like the picture of Dad with Sophie. Very cute and I enjoy seeing the smiles 🙂 Much love. Thanks for posting another one!

  2. Hi Bonnie & Hans — just caught up on several of your postings. I’m glad to hear you are seeing signs of spring! I’ll send a link to the other Jump Start trainers to check out your blog. Take care! Jim

  3. My,oh,my!!! I will not complain of the cold weather anymore!!! Great to hear from you and see what’s up! Much love and prayers, Ted

  4. Oh what fun! Would love to join in but walkers are not built with runners; neither are fannies. Just saw on boob tube that our average temp for Jan was 47.5 for Apr (thus far) is 44. Today is wind, big wind. Grass in Bill’s field is blowing in waves like grain in Eastern WA. Beautiful from indoors. Thanks for the blog with pics. Elsie

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