Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | April 11, 2010

Gallery Walk

When we first arrived, we noticed some things right off that made this “not just any school anywhere”; a good thing we thought.

One wall of the gym has a mural of village scenes.

Mural in the gym

Gym mural

There’s a display case of local art in the hall that includes the name of each artist.

Baskets, mittens, beading, fur mitts

Some old photographs, a fish net, and a fish trap hang on the walls.

Fish trap

There will be some new additions, too. The high school class is working on a display of elders. We think that will add a nice touch to what’s already here.

Down in the elementary wing, the halls are lined with this year’s worth of artwork. Here’s a sampling of what you’d see if you were here:

Dog sled full of good books to read

Team of dogs running down the hall


Tea anyone?

101 Cranes mobile

101 Cranes Mobile

Fall Leaves Project


Self-portraits #2




In a few weeks the halls will be quiet and the walls will be bare, but students will have quite a collection to take home and add to a gallery of their own.



  1. I enjoy how one of the books in the sled is called “Big-Enough Anna” — did you pick that one out for me? I really like the massive sled with books and dogs that the kids made, you’re so crafty! I’ve been telling Karina about it and Holly Faulstich said racing the Iditarod with reading in kindergarten was one of her favorite memories from school. Looks like you’re leaving quite the lasting impression. Hope you’re both doing well. Much love.

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