Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | April 18, 2010

Thinking Spring

Last week was still winter. We had days of big snow and no planes.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday weather

Snow trying to come up the school steps

Yesterday things changed. The sky looked different. The low temperature was about 25 degrees and it hit 58 degrees in Fairbanks! Here it got to about 40, but spring is trying to arrive. How do we know? We’re seeing things we haven’t seen for a while…

First few pussy willows

Forgotten items are reappearing  up through the snow…

Moose jaw

AND, yesterday we saw our first mosquito! Oh yeah, spring is on the way…



  1. Wow, you certainly don’t come upon moose jaws in the middle of Sequim or Bellingham!

  2. Spring definitely here in Fairbanks…playing in the dirt getting strawberry bed ready..making a new one..exchanging seedling starts..sunny and +60 this afternoon..looking forward to seeing both of you in June here in Frbnks

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