Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | April 25, 2010

Sophie Seminars

It was 10 years ago when we first decided to have students document monthly baby observations. That year the baby was Lane. This year the baby is Sophie. Every month she comes to visit and students in our classes meet to observe her growth and development. Students prepare by reviewing previous monthly records and drafting questions for the current month’s visit. Last month Emma brought in a developmental checklist and we noted that she’s probably above average. At the conclusion of each visit, we lay her down on the long roll of butcher paper, stretch her out, and graph her height.

Sophie attempts to crawl to the toys.

Students document Sophie's monthly achievements.

Students clap as Sophie completes "reading" a board book.

Bonnie helps Sophie walk around the circle to the delight of the students.

Most popular achievement to date...

Yes, the most popular achievement to date is seeing Sophie point to an object and exclaim, “Hazzat?” Translation: “What’s that?” It’s sure to bring a smile to all.

(Photos by Emma Gibbs, aka Sophie’s mom)



  1. I love the smiles on the kids watching Sophie!

  2. Ben and Reed still talk about “baby Lane” and their time in class watching him progress. Great learning activity (and fun!).

  3. An update on Lane; he is now 60′, 89 lbs, is in 5th grade, is on select soccer team, won the Elks essay contest for 5th & 6th grades, loves to play on the Wii, is a very polite an helpful you man (at least at my house). The Wii lives at my house so the rule is that he must make a date to use it to be certain that I am home but mainly it is to make sure that I have food on hand.

  4. Do you know how many people have mentioned this one blog to me? And then said, “Is Lane really that old now?” He just turned 11 and has really long hair. I mean, it is longer than mine. He is constantly wiping it out of his eyes. I’m surprised he does not have a sore neck. But that’s alright with us, because he will probably only have hair for about nine more years.

    Quinn just lost two teeth tonight. Remember the tooth fairy story? “Well, well well. . . if it isn’t the tooth fairy?”

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