Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | May 2, 2010

Springtime in Alaska

The calendar says it’s May, but you wouldn’t know it to look outside. We hear that the ice went out in Eagle and Nenana, Nikolai and McGrath, and folks who went to Shageluk last week said there’s hardly any snow left over there (just 40 miles away).

Here’s a little glimpse of our spring…

Out in front of the school

Now imagine a kindergarten student out there on Friday, trying out his new hip waders. Yup, almost up to his waist (the tip top of the boots)  in that biggest puddle.

Grayling Creek

Grayling Creek is beginning to open up, but the Yukon is still solid enough to drive a snowmachine across. This morning some folks from town went upriver hunting.

Solid all the way up

Last week they fired up the snowplow and plowed the main drag so folks can use trucks or four-wheelers now, with snowmachines using the edges of the road.

Main Street

Our house sits back off the main road, so we still have lots of snow between us and the road. At this time of year, you begin to post-hole as you walk, so Hans did some shoveling.

Shoveled path to the house

Hans says, "So much for the myth that Bonnie walks on water."

Latest weather: below freezing at night, up to about 40 during the day. It snowed yesterday (May Day), and many days last week. The weather forecast says more of the same until mid-week when we should get to 50!

Parting shot:

Playing out and puppies; sure signs of spring!



  1. Hey you two. I was just catching up on your blog. I’m always forgetting to go check it out, but then I get to read several in a row. It only took me seven months but I finally just noticed the “notify me of new posts by email” check box! So maybe now I won’t have to count on my memory to go check for the latest posting to your blog.

    I’ve been thinking of you because I’ve recently enjoyed reading the book “Winterdance” by Gary Paulsen about the Iditarod (on loan and recommendation from Reta). And, Marla has taught us a new game called “Farkel” and it makes me miss playing games with you.

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