Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | May 9, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance

It’s hard to imagine a graduation ceremony without “Pomp and Circumstance”. The graduation here on Friday night was complete with that music, robes, mortar boards, proud families and graduates from Kindergarten, 8th grade and 12th grade.

Getting to the gym required some careful stepping…

Plenty of melting around the school

Earlier in the day there was a lot of decorating going on inside and out…

Graduates' view of the entrance walkway

Entrance Decorations

Graduation gym

Hans' class was requested to fold pink origami cranes

Speakers' podium

Glittered walkway

In the rush to get to school to hem one of the too-long gowns about 30 minutes before the event, our camera was left on the table at home. You’ll just have to imagine the graduates marching in, surrounded by elders, families and friends. There was a big, fancy cake made and decorated by two women from town, along with a steady flash of cameras. In addition to shaking the hand of every graduate, people spent time looking at the new displays of elders in the school. With a budget allowing for three displays, who to choose? The students decided to write the names of all the elders on slips of paper and drew out ten. Those ten names went back into the bucket and five were drawn out. Those five went back in and the final three were chosen. Students visited the homes of the elders, interviewed them and selected photos for the displays.

Elder Display

Great way to share old-time photos

Working Dog Team

The night was a fitting close to the school year; recognizing the new graduates and honoring the elders.


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