Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | July 24, 2010

Shungnak: 25 Years Later…

We arrived in Shungnak on Wednesday morning. There were low ceilings so we didn’t see a thing as we flew in until we dropped down to land. What a great sight!

All our boxes were stored at the school and we’ve been unpacking.


School and Housing

This photo has not been altered–not much of a commute, eh? The school is the same one we taught in. The inside has been remodeled and all the materials came in to put a new roof on the gym. We used to live in a little cabin down by the river. The school district now provides teacher-housing. There are three of these old portables that have been converted into duplexes and we’re standing right in front of ours.

Last night we took a walk down by the river…

Looking north, upriver

Looking south, downriver

Poles gathered for fishracks

Caribou racks by a cache

Garden down by the beach

In between unpacking boxes we’ve made trips to the Native Store, the Post Office, and visited a few Elders. Today we did a little berry picking too.

View from Ruth & Levi's. They say it's good for seeing caribou.

Blueberry picking

Being back has been wonderful. We’ve been greeted with smiles, warm hugs, welcoming handshakes and tearful eyes. It’s great to be outside and hear, “Hey Bonnie and Hans! Welcome home!”



  1. Thanks for continuing the blog…we’re looking forward to hearing about your new adventure.

  2. It will be fun to hear about your summer and school year ahead! Jump Start 2010 is taking place starting Monday in Anchorage

  3. whoo ho..glad U’ve arrived don’t get too many of these experiences in sure you’ll make the most of it

  4. What a win win situation you have going…. the village is so lucky to have you return and you sound so thrilled to be there! Who’d know you get to spend a part of your teaching career living in a portable!!! Guess it’s a step up from living in last years classroom for a bit.
    Best of everything to you and thanks for keeping so many of us in the “Adventures of Han’s and Bonnie” loop.

  5. Got goose bumps seeing the old “homestead” from the air. Thank for that chill–on this 74′ day (eat your little hearts out). Missing you, but so happy for this adventure, and this addition to your retirement. You will be able to party hardy (pedal hard and far) when you get back, so really looking forward to some nice long bike trips. (Wanna C2C again?!@#!) Miss you two.
    Love, Cher

  6. Good to see your warm homecoming there–thanks for sharing your adventures!

  7. You should post a picture of Hans riding his bike to school! Have a great year!!

    • Easy for you to say; it’s all uphill going home! HB

  8. Congratulations! It is great to see the blog starting back up again. We missed you this summer. H&D

  9. I’ve failed to log in for a while so was surprised to hear that you were returning to Shugnak. The adventure continues and it does feel very whole for you to return.

    Love the blog, love the videos (because it’s so good to hear your voices), love the pictures of the children and your wonderful curriculum.

    Keep it up and give yourselves a squeeze from Steve and me!


  10. Tis great to have your blog back again. Not quite the same as having you drop by, but a good substitute. Loved the flight in pattern to landing & wished I was copilot (you need one, don’t you agree?) Looking forward to the nex blog.

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