Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | August 15, 2010

Kotzebue — the big city

When you live in a bush village, a trip to Kotzebue is going to the “big city”.  Last week we were attending the district in-service from Sunday to Friday. You don’t sleep on the flights up here; it’s too beautiful!

We took the back way to Kotzebue via Selawik.

Great Kobuk Sand Dunes in the distance.

Selawik village: flat and wet, with boardwalks


Coming in for a landing...

Kotzebue: a little bit of everything…

Kobuk 440 winning dog team

Airport above the Arctic Circle

Maniilaq Health Center

Snowmachines put up for the summer


Cemetery huddled between buildings

Flamingo lawn ornament

Front Street--("I can see Russia from my house!")

Kotzebue High School

We spent every day in the school (and every night on air mattresses in classrooms). It gets dark for a few hours now. We’re losing eight minutes of daylight a day, so it counts up fast.  Now we’re back in Shungnak and we’re busy because tomorrow is the first day of school. Wish us luck!



  1. The universal lawn ornament!

  2. Luck!! Am sure you’re as excited as the kids

  3. Was so great to meet you this summer. I keep checking your website here. Very interesting. Sorry your raffle ticket was not a winner. There is always next year tho!! Want to get to visit your mother soon.

  4. Have a wonderful school year. I find your class activities creative and interesting. Your students make gains, but I am sure you gain much more than they do.

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