Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | August 22, 2010

School to Home to School (repeat)

Ready or not, the kids came to school on Monday. Despite good intentions, there was still school construction going on (and still is) with a new roof, a few doors replaced by drywall and a fence around the playground.

Former student Johnny running the loader

This first week was consumed with getting to know each other and the routines.

Using materials and returning them to their "special spot"


"I'd like to bring this home for my dad."

Hans' high school group looking attentive

Students are surprised to know that Hans still remembers quite a few Inupiat words; "Oh no, he knows what we're saying!"

Arm wrestling GLE

High school tutors during math time

Reading buddies

When we’re not at school we’re at home. Our teacher housing is a little bigger than our former home here (a one-room cabin by the river).

Are you on our refrigerator?

We miss our nice, big Grayling table (and the people who sat at it).

Living room with no big screen TV

Note the step-up shower

Martha's influence: willow wall hanger

When you visit you won't have to sleep on the floor.

Internet Central: weak signal, but we're working on it!

Standing at the computer looking back toward the kitchen: small, but less to clutter and clean.

We try to spend some time away from school and home–getting out for a walk. Last week was rainy, so folks had to pull their nets until the water went back down. Some people are up at fish camp–others have drying racks right on the banks of the river here.

Lorena's fish

There was one more fish ready to hang, but when Bonnie stopped by to talk, Lorena had her daughter pick out a nice male salmon for her dinner. Thank you. It was delicious.

Looking north

The tundra is beginning to turn yellow already. Homer, Sr. was on the CB Saturday morning saying that the first caribou are gathering up by Bornite. He reminded everyone to be patient and let the first ones pass through; that way there will be caribou close by all winter for hunting.

Salmon running, berry picking, caribou gathering, school in session; it must be the end of August.



  1. Looks like a busy time for sure..hope Hans survived the arm wrestling..Ben Gay might be a good item to have close at hand if that’s gonna be a regular activity!

  2. Fun to see pictures of the house! Now I can picture where you’re at when we’re chatting πŸ™‚ I hadn’t seen the quilted wall hanging Marla made, very nice. It matches the quilt she made me for high school graduation.

  3. Thanks for the glimpse into your home and school. It was fun to see what’s hanging on your walls.

  4. It’s wonderful to see your home and school. Responsive Classroom seems like a long while ago now that school is in full session. I still have to learn songs to teach everyone, but I know I’ll get to it once the snow flies here! I look forward to staying updated on the Great White North!

  5. Hooray! Just catching up with you, great to see the photos, old and new! Cain’t hardly believe… the long ago wedding… most special, thanks for sharing. I’m sure some of the folks who remember you from years ago are tickled pink to see you back in Shungnak. Looks like yer housing is way too nice, by the way. Whut’s this — no wood heat? No homes down on the river? Whut’s happenin’? Will The Hans stage a comeback with a brand new dog team? Or whut? Will read more thoroughly your posts. Just got back a coupla weeks ago from AK and playing catch-up on everthang. Send me email I’ll send more gossip. Hope our paths can cross again! Hated to miss you in Anchorage. Thought I might like to winter once more in AK, just fer grins, but… I ain’t so sure about that cold, ennymore! Luv seeing what you’re doing. Mo latuh.
    luv from FL, the sunshine — but corrupt — state.

  6. Your home looks very cozy. Alaska really is beautiful…I hope to make it there some day. It’s on my bucket list πŸ™‚

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