Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | August 29, 2010

Bringing Back Memories

On Thursday evening community members brought food to the back-to-school potluck. Folks sat on the cafeteria tables and looked at the mural of old photos as they ate fresh caribou stew, blueberries, home-made doughnuts and Pilot Bread with peanut butter. We were lucky to be seated by some elders who helped us learn more of the history of this place and its people.

When the eating was finished, we pushed back the tables, pulled out the bleachers, brought in some chairs and shared our slides from when we were here in the 70’s and 80’s. There wasn’t any formal narration; folks talked (mostly in Inupiaq) about the people and places in the pictures. There were plenty of smiles and laughter punctuating the visual images.

Here’s a sampling of what folks saw:

Remembering the days before dryers

Remembering when a lot of people lived down by the river

Remembering harvesting lots of fish at camp

Remembering past elders

Remembering packing ice for water and coffee

Remembering Hans' dog team

Remembering when more people burned wood

Remembering when people built what they needed

Remembering when we were all younger

Remembering what a beautiful place this is

When some folks missed the pictures because of fishing, we promised to show them again during the winter. There were quite a few elders present…

Front row seats for the pictures

This week we’ve been remembering how beautiful this time of year is.

Wishing you many memories….



  1. I can imagine that the slides were a big “hit” for sure.I need to get my old slides organized too-always good for a few laughs..pretty good looking dog team-is Hans planning a new team?

  2. I’m so glad you shared your slides and memories. What a great way to connect with past and future generations of students and their families.

  3. SOO beautiful! I love the pictures and hope you two are well! I have been hearing all the updates from Anna 🙂

    Miss you both, and lots of love for what I am sure will be a COLD Alaska winter!

    I especially like the dog sledding picture…:)

  4. Thanks for showing your old pictures. I enjoyed them and I wasn’t even there the first time around. Do your have pictures of your first cabin to share? # Do wish you’d stop sending your cold weather down to us —- not time yet.

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