Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | September 12, 2010

Running X-Country

No, we weren’t running across the Arctic, but on Saturday kids in grades 2 – 12 were. Our school hosted a x-country meet and students from Noatak, Kivalina, Ambler and Kobuk flew in to participate. The weather was fabulous–temperatures in the 70s.

Gathering at the starting line

Finish line spectators

Strong finish

Waiting on the playground for the racers to come in

Future runner (he kept running and running and running....)

After the hot dogs were eaten, the awards given out, and the guests left on the airplanes, we went out for a walk.

Lots of folks are out at fishcamp or hunting caribou

Nets drying

Great weather for drying fish and meat; this is almost finished

More gold each week

Less leaves on the trees

One of our favorite views

Browning tundra

Watching a small herd of caribou

On our way home Linda yelled, “Want some fresh meat?” We said okay, we’d take a little bit. That turned out to be a leg–up to the ball and socket. You’ll just have to imagine us cutting it up, wrapping it and putting it in the freezer because we didn’t take time to snap any photos. And you’ll just have to imagine how good it tastes– unless you come on up to visit and try some.



  1. I finally took the time to look at ALL your great photos, and they are wonderful! I love the fall colors, the kids, and of course the flamingo (way back). Thanks for keeping us updated! Miss you guys!

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