Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | September 19, 2010

Where Were You 27 Years Ago?

Friend's Church, Sept. 17, 1983

On September 17, 1983, we were married right here in the Friend’s Church. There hadn’t been a wedding in many years, but TV had arrived. Soap operas had arrived. The high school girls wanted us to do a wedding like they’d seen on TV–one with flower girls and a ring-bearer and a fancy cake. So we did. Folks thought it was great except for the date. It was right during the most busy time of year–migrating fish and caribou. Nevertheless, folks boated down for the event. We had the high school kids video tape the ceremony, but failed to tell them that what we were hoping to record was us and the ceremony, not just zooming in on their classmates. Our cameraman actually skipped the vows, turning off the camera; however, there is ample footage of his girlfriend at the time.



Real wedding--complete with rice for throwing





Forgot the "carry over the threshold" 27 years ago, so did it now.

To celebrate we went out to eat. Literally.

Steaks and the heart-shaped potato from Marla's garden

Back then we got married on a Saturday and taught school on Monday. Some things haven’t changed….



  1. Happy anniversary…loved the “then” and “now” photos.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Love your comparison photos. And were the children of the same attendants present for the second time around? Question—If Hans were to shave his beard, would you recognize him?

  3. Well, 27 years ago I was mastering the art of walking. Those were the good ol’ days, weren’t they? 🙂 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  4. 27 years ago…you guys are the sweetest couple ever. Hans, it makes me sick to be so nice to you, so enjoy it.


  5. This post is one of my favorites!! Too cute. Love, Anna B.

  6. Just chiming in here to say: back in those days Chuck and I were happy to have begun knowing both of you when Hans taught with us in Noorvik and Bonnie would visit on weekends. Yay for the history tour you’re doing now that you’re back home in Shungnak.
    Love from your Bellingham buds.

  7. ditto Anna! Great post, great pics!

  8. Wow! It is so neat to see your then and now photos! Also way cool to see the inside of the house I lived in, when it was church. I can’t wait to see your slides from 27 years ago!
    THanks for keeping the dogs happy and in shape too!!

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