Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | September 26, 2010

The Ice Cometh, the Leaves Goeth

It’s the weekend, so we went for a walk with the camera…   The last couple of mornings have been brisk. If we had a car, we’d be scraping the windshield.

Ice Puddles & Short Sleeves

The sun was bright, the air was cold. The ice didn’t melt…

Ice Along the Shore

Not Quite Time for Pulling Out Boats

Salmon Net in Crystal Clear Water

Evidence of Good Drying Weather

Evidence of a Successful Hunt

Evidence of the Need to Read the River

New Drying Rack/Shed Going Up

Creative Use of Old Fire Hose

Fish Racks

Whitefish with Eggs

Fish-cutting Kuspuk

Net in a Tub

Fish Eggs For the Dogs

Dog Team Moved Down by the River

More Food for the Winter

Less Leaves on the Trees

It may be time to get out the warmer jackets and light gloves. We’re watching the mountain tops for the first signs of snow.



  1. Tough kids you raise up there. I need long sleeves just sitting with a glass of ice cubes. Thanks for the pics of life up north. Does every family maintain a dog team? And do they pet or play with them?

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