Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | October 10, 2010

Up here we celebrate Maniilaq Day, not Columbus Day

Tomorrow is Maniilaq Day in this part of the world and we’ll be remembering him with our students rather than Columbus. He lived upriver and was born sometime in the early 1800’s. He is known as an Eskimo prophet who told of many changes that would come to this area including: the first motorized boats and airplanes, the coming of a different light-skinned people (Caucasians), and a change in the Inupiat lifestyle because of new technology brought by the new people. To read more about him and learn about his prophecies yet to be fulfilled, go to the Alaskool website.

Today stayed right at 10 degrees. Through the binoculars, we watched a herd of least 300 caribou wander over the tundra to the west of the school. Down at the river there was more ice. Johnny chopped through the ice to get the boat up to the bend to pull the salmon net.

It was cold and still. (Turn up your volume; hopefully you’ll be able to hear the unique ice sounds.)

It’s cold enough now so folks can put up “green” salmon for dog food.


Whole, frozen salmon



"Green" salmon



Cooking dog food



Morning frost



Playground pole awaiting a dare to touch it with your tongue


KOTZ radio just broadcast that tonight may be good for viewing the Northern Lights. We have the cameras and boots right by the door–hopefully a future post will include some photos of that sky art. Happy Maniilaq Day!


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