Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | October 31, 2010

Halloween Eve

Halloween was celebrated here on Saturday with an Upriver vs. Community volleyball game, Halloween carnival preparations, trick-or-treating from 3:00 to 5:00 in 20 degree temperatures, and the three-hour school carnival beginning at 6:00. Following all that was the after-it-all clean up–which may have been the scariest of all…

Pumpkin opening

Bonnie sent $50 with a local pilot for pumpkins. We got two. Express delivery from Fairbanks. The kids reported that they planted some of those seeds, so next year we might have home-grown. We counted the seeds from the two pumpkins and at 755 seeds, we could make quite a profit at $25 a piece…. $18,875–woo-hoo~!

The Good Witch and the King of Ticket Sales

Enough cake walk items for three hours!

Little kids' piñata

Costume parade and contest

Costumes were mostly store-bought, but there were a couple home-made.

Audience judging

One of the winners

Face-painting stayed busy all night.

The store got in yellow and red peppers for a Halloween-colored dinner of dirty rice.

Happy Halloween from the far North!



  1. Pumpkins- $50
    Great memories and cool Avatar costume- PRICELESS!

    I hope you planted those pumpkin seeds

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