Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | November 7, 2010

Fresh Snow

We awoke Saturday morning to fresh snow. Enough now for snowmachines. It was still and beautiful so we went for a walk.

On the way back we were treated to a fox sitting on the river. After our walk, baking bread seemed the right thing to do. There hasn’t been even a whisper of wind, so the snow continues to outline everything in white–piling up higher and higher on branches, stumps, discarded antlers and empty fish racks.

Inupiaq Elder Jonas Ramoth:
“In the winter in Selawik, if it’s clear and cold, -20 degrees or -30 degrees, maybe there are a few clouds but it’s nice and calm. The wind isn’t supposed to blow. If the wind starts to blow when it’s not supposed to, people gathered in the store will say ‘Ooo, cold’. In Inupiaq they say ‘qiunaurauqtuq,’ which means ‘he’s beckoning the storm.’ If it is windy, it will be stormy–blowing, drifting snow. It makes you decide to stay home. Animals will stay home too. This is very reliable.”



  1. Such a beautiful collection of pictures. Thank you! However, I am happy you are there and I am here—-except for the bread.

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