Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | December 5, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset: in a Few Hours

We’re still a couple weeks away from solstice but there isn’t much time between sunrise and sunset these days. Officially, sunrise yesterday was at 1:10 pm and sunset was at 4:13 pm for a total of 3 hours and 3 minutes. (We’re losing just under eight minutes a day.) It makes for some nice, almost continuous sunrise/sunset skies.

Bonnie needed some materials for a model village her students are constructing so today we went “shopping for willows”.

2:16 pm; looking south

Willows even in the shopping bag

It was about 18 degrees below zero and Bonnie wished she’d worn her snow pants; especially since she had a little hole in the knee of her jeans.

Last weekend we went out skiing. We headed out on the trail to Kobuk and after about two miles, Hans broke a binding. He one-skied back and there’s a new binding on the way. After they returned, Bonnie went out visiting and folks told her to not go out without a gun–there’s a pack of 20 wolves that’s been seen between here and Cosmos Creek. Not a time to be looking like the lame one in the herd.

Broken binding

It’s dark quite a bit, and it’s been rather cold. It’s beginning to look like Christmas. The Native Store is overflowing with present-type items on the shelves and the floor; everything from TVs to games to Christmas lights to bubble bath gift sets. The Post Office has less room than usual with all the boxes waiting for pick up. Christmas trees are beginning to appear in classrooms and this week there will be a lot of Christmas program practicing going on. KOTZ radio is keeping us company with a nice mix of holiday music, there’s a fresh pot of tea in the pot, and it’s cozy warm in here.

Solstice; Latin solstitium, from sol, “sun” and -stitium, “a stoppage”.


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