Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | December 19, 2010

School Christmas Progam: a continuing tradition

School Christmas programs may be a thing of the past in some places, but not here. Folks gathered in the gym on Thursday night to see what the kids had been working on the past few weeks. Bonnie’s K-1 group performed “The Santa Run”. There they were: reindeer, a doctor, Santa, Mrs. Claus, an elf, a young musher and a team of sled dogs led by none other than Balto.

Waiting in the wings

5 Little Reindeer Jumping on the Bed

Of course if you know the rhyme, you know they end up falling down, bumping their heads and the doctor says, “No more reindeer jumping on the bed.”

"What 'cha gonna do now? You got no more reindeer."

Santa has a problem: who can pull his sled?

Meanwhile in Nome, Balto overhears his musher saying that he’s too old and he plans to get rid of him. He gets out of his collar and runs away, finding four other dogs along the way.

Old sled dog (yes that's a real wolf head costume)

Old sled dog

Well, well, wouldn’t you know that Santa’s elf finds a letter from a young boy in Shungnak who wants a dog team for Christmas. The dogs conveniently wander into Santa’s yard and all things turn out for the best…

"Yes! Dogs could pull the sled!"


Santa getting his team hitched up

Going to get the little musher

The little musher gets his wish. Santa gets the presents delivered.

Finale: He'll be mushing down the Kobuk from now on

The finale was sung to the tune of “She’ll be Comin’ Round the Mountain When she Comes”. I’m glad we teach in a place where the school Christmas program is still a looked-forward-to tradition.



  1. Our third grade reader’s theatre club enjoyed reading the script, too. We’ll show them your pictures complete with costumes and sets. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kiehl was Santa for the SMS Christmas production in 6th grade. At Miss Clarke’s request I got him a Santa suit. He is a foot taller now but still wearing it. Last winter he was a “Skiing Santa” for his ski racers and this year he was a UW Santa at the end of finals week. Lots of fun!

    I always love your blog. Thanks for the great photos and commentary!

  3. Loved your Xmas program. Wish we could still have them here. Our children are now missing so much so much of the season.

  4. Happy New Year! Enjoyed your rendition of the Christmas Program. The kids are all so cute. How exciting to read that Han C was able to join you for Christmas!
    What wonderful sense of community is shared up there. We in the lower 48 should learn from them.
    Cold and lots of snow around here this year, we too have been able to cross country ski.

  5. What a cute performance and great costumes!
    My 3rd grade class reads “Balto, the Dog who Saved Nome” every year. It’s one of my favorites, that and Stone Fox. I always think of you and share stories about you with my class.

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