Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | January 2, 2011

A Nice Ending to 2010

For those who haven’t had a dog team, this post is for you–there’s more to it than just hitching up and going for a ride. It got colder and colder for Hans C’s stay. He wanted to go for another dog sled ride, so we piled on the warm clothes and went out.

40 below (same degrees F or C)

Those cold temperatures make for beautiful lighting.

Two thumbs up

Hans and Hans C took off north toward the mountains and weren’t more than a mile out when the lead dog’s ears went up. They came over a little rise and were right in the midst of 700 or more caribou. (You’ll just have to believe it–they didn’t take a camera; too cold.)

Leaders: Puzzle and Innoko

Ivik waits to get unhitched.

As per directions, we fed the team twice a day: flavored water with a dash of dog food and a chunk of frozen salmon in the morning, dog food with warm water and a cube of chicken fat in the evening. Even when it was cold, it was good to get out and see the dogs every day.

We had a great break. It seems quiet here now without Hans C and the dogs. But tomorrow we’ll be back at school and that should break the stillness. Happy New Year!



  1. Very, very thankful am I. You inspire me to attempt more documentation of life up here.

  2. I am sorry to see the dogs go home as I too would liked to have had one more ride. For that I envy Hans C. They (the dogs) are a great deal of care so I can see why people don’t keep them but for all that time those poor creatures get so little food. Perhaps I should go eat with the dogs; however I’ll take my salmon broiled with butter, lemon and brown sugar, thank you. Happy New Year!!! Do love your blogs.

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