Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | January 9, 2011

Basketball 101: Bounce the ball. Throw it through the hoop.

Eastern Washington University may have won the National Division 1 Championship in football this weekend, but that wasn’t even a blip on the screen here in Shungnak. Here it was basketball, basketball, and more basketball. Yes, it was the Upriver Hunters (a conglomeration of Ambler, Shungnak, and Kobuk players) vs. Kotzebue JV Huskies.

The Upriver Hunters

Kotzebue Huskies JV

Yes, that’s Hans’ classroom, where the visiting team slept, played video games, watched movies, and met during half-time (there was only one jersey and one red-hot chili peppers pair of shorts left behind).

As you can see, people came from mile (sic) around to watch the rivalry.

The parking lot was packed!

No tailgate parties here…

...just one lone tail-wagger.

The competition was fierce...

fast paced...

...but ended good-naturedly as each team won one.

Coaches Jason and Jack: "Clash of the Titans" Do these guys look like rivals?

Bonnie spent most of the three games working the concession stand and had a close-up of the action since this window is about three feet away from out-of-bounds.

BBB oblivious to the freethrow taking place -- if he misses the backboard it's coming right through that window!

Since the Kotzebue team got weathered in they had a third game Saturday night and ended up flying out Sunday morning. The girls’ team was playing in Kotzebue so they returned on the back-haul.

Since Kobuk School doesn’t have a gym, they snowmachined the 12 miles down to Shungnak and back several evenings this week so they could practice with their teammates. They wanted at least a couple practices in before they had to actually play an opposing team.

Kobuk kids gearing up for the trek back home.

All-in-all it was a good weekend. Just doesn’t feel like we had much down time.

Bounce the ball...

...throw it through the hoop."

How tough can it be?



  1. Didn’t see Hans’s picture in any of this..I know he was right in there cheering on the team too..teaching in the bush looks like to be a 7 day/week job as always..stay warm..light is returning

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