Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | January 23, 2011

100 is a lot!

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve had 100 days of school this year! The kids have been adding a number each day and Friday was a celebration of being 100 days smarter and knowing how to count and group 100 things. Hans’ classes came to help and parents and families came, too.

100 sled dogs

100 fingers

100 dominos

100 white reinforcement stickers

100 tacks

100 people

100 animal legs

Working on the 100 M&M color graph

100 letter magnets

100 dots on fingernails (invented by Anna B.)

100-of-each-ingredient trail mix

Was the afternoon a success?


Younger brothers and sisters cried when it was time to go home and parents asked when we could have another family activity day, so we’re calling it a success.

Last night it got to -50 and that was 100 degrees colder than the temperature in Sequim; a perfect ending to 100’s Day.

50 below zero



  1. Ah, yes, the 100th Day Celebration! I’m glad you’re keeping Anna’s fingernail tradition alive. (I saw Bonnie in the background of one of the pictures, but it didn’t look like she had 100 braids this year.) Everyone looked like they were enjoying the activities. Brrr…-50!

  2. Where the heck is Sequim anyway? anyone can live at +50..takes some real fools to live where it’s -50!! Looks like everyone had fun..reminded me of the year in Allakaket when the class decided to see how big 1 million was by collecting 1,000,000 pennies-we didn’t even get close, but everyone got an idea that 1 million is a pretty big number! Thanks for sharing

  3. That’s funny because a couple weeks ago we had an Anchorage based flight crew fly from Anchorage, pick us up in Seattle and we continued on to San Diego. When we landed the Captain said is was 100 degrees colder than when he left that morning. Minus 14 degrees in Anchorage and 86 degrees in San Diego. We were all so surprised to hear that but it must not be that unusual if you and Sequim were 100 degrees apart as well.

  4. I remember when Kiehl and I went to Fairbanks/North Pole at Christmas when he was young. The guide told us that kids there had recess unless it got colder than minus 35 degrees. Do you go out for recess when it’s minus 50?

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