Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | February 6, 2011

Up the Slough

While others were watching the Super Bowl, we walked up the slough. With all the bright sunshine, it was definitely a sunglasses day. Lots of tracks; wolf, moose, fox, ptarmigan….

There could have been more photos, but the camera batteries were low. Pre-photo procedure: remove batteries from camera, warm them up with your hands, replace quickly, shoot.

Friday night we didn’t even attempt to take any photos. We did, however, see some really nice northern lights. Mostly greens in a huge arch all across the sky. Way better than any Super Bowl.



  1. Now what kind of patriotic Americans R U two anyway? Missing the Super willing to bet Hans doesn’t even know which two teams played in the SB!! Enjoy the sunshine..old Inuit poem: “there is joy in seeing the sun return to the frozen land” amen

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