Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | March 6, 2011

It’s March, but it’s not quite Springtime

It’s March 6 and that means the Iditarod started. That event always signals almost-springtime. It’s still dark enough to see the Northern Lights when they’re out. It’s light now when we go to school and long after we let the kids go home. And the sunshine actually feels warm.

Saturday while the 62 mushers were taking off in Anchorage, we went out for snowshoeing.

Even with sunglasses we were squinty-eyed

Evidence of moose everywhere

Bonnie proves she's smaller than a moose by laying down in its moose bed.

Today the mushers were taking off from Willow on their restart. We had another beautiful almost-spring day, and went out to ski. It was about zero with tons of sunshine.

On the trail to Kobuk

Village advice: take a gun. So we did.

Trail drops down to the slough

Two hours later we were back home. No moose sightings today. Lots of rabbit, ptarmigan, fox and moose tracks though.

It was Sunday. We’d been out. It was almost the Buzz.



  1. whoa..Hans armed with a firearm? Almost scary! Thanks for the great pictures..indeed it is spring

  2. Thanks for the update on bright sunshine. We are hoping for some today. OK just where did you get Peninsula Pretzels? That is better than I can do.

  3. Between Mom showing that she’s smaller than a moose and Dad supposedly carrying a gun, this just made my day. I sent a link to teang because I knew she’d get a kick out of it. Much love.

  4. Aww, I bet sweet Marla sent you those pretzels! Well, I’m glad you’re getting some sunshine. I will say that I can’t believe Bonnie is that much smaller than a moose. I thought she was about as tall as you, Hans. That must mean that you are also smaller than a moose. I think I’d like to see proof. Can you please include a picture on your next post?

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