Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | April 23, 2011

Iditapeep: The Last Great Race on Earth

Every year since 2007, the Washington Post has sponsored a Peeps Diorama Contest, and on April 15, this year’s winners were announced. Peeps are those delicious little sugared marshmallow Easter treats sold in packages of brightly colored chicks and bunnies.

Here’s a photo from the Washington Post of this year’s winner, “Chilean CoPeepapo Mine Rescue”. To see all the winners from the last five years, go here.

2011 Winner

The contest rules are pretty simple: use Peeps to depict a scene or event. The first few years there were about 800 entries and this year there were thousands.

The Native Store happened to get in a couple boxes of Peeps and that got Bonnie thinking… 

Her creation, “Iditapeep: The Last Great Race on Earth”:

According to the rules, Bonnie couldn’t win even if she’d entered: 1–the snow would melt in shipment, and 2–the contest is open to anyone in the United States, but the five finalists must be residents of Washington D.C., Maryland or Virginia.

While Bonnie was having fun this afternoon with the sled and team of Peeps, kids here were out hunting Easter eggs in the snow.

Happy Easter!



  1. Very clever, Bonnie! Happy Easter.

  2. Happy New Year to you! The rain held off here in Sequim until about 3pm. By then our egg hunter/gatherers had completed their task and eaten the ritual ham dinner. I think the kids had fun (Kids being the youngest 15 years and the oldest 24.) I know the adults did. We really are having trouble letting go of all these good times. When the kids depart for good, we may just have to have the egg hunt for ourselves!

  3. This was totally cracking me up! I can 100% picture Mom working on this. You nibbled away on the little Peep to make the musher body didn’t you? It’s like your love of eating sugary Peeps and creative activities came together for the perfect contest. Too bad Amy and I weren’t there to help. Much love and see you soon.

  4. Happy post Easter! Had Thing2 (computer) worked on, in the prosess I lost your blog as well as a few other things. Now that you are found Hurray! Had fun catching up with real and Imaginary You think of great projects for your children. Could I be a child and come join your class? I’ll race you for Peeps. Elsie

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