Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | May 12, 2011

Commencement: The act of beginning

There’s been a lot of commencing going on here the past week. Three high school boys graduated; full graduation–complete with passing all the state high school qualifying exams. Way cool. And they asked Hans to be the graduation speaker. Cooler yet.

2011 Grads

The speech: answering questions about their parents and more

(At a loss for words on this one.)

Good luck to the graduates as they begin their post-high-school-graduation lives!

Two days later, the kindergarten class graduation and awards ceremony was held.

Three boys graduated on this day, too.

Congratulations from Elders

Good luck to these graduates as they begin their getting-to-high-school-graduation lives!

With the end of school, summer vacation commenced and so did our move to a different housing. The weather stayed below freezing making for smooth sled loads; the little plastic kinds of sleds, each loaded with two boxes. After three days we were all moved in and enjoying the view from the new place. See what you think…

View from the kitchen table today (looking south)

View north while washing dishes--we may actually fight over that chore!

View east from the living room (Kobuk River and Old Man Mountain)

Tomorrow we’ll head out to visit family and friends; flying to Kotzebue/Anchorage and then driving from Anchorage down to Washington state. We’ll return in late July and hope the snow is gone by then!

"New" house--the same one Bonnie first lived in during the fall of 1977. (Photo taken today!)



  1. Priceless…
    Thanks, it helps me remember why we’re doing this. We make a difference!
    Well done!! See you soon!!!

  2. Yet another cool post! I look forward to hearing the speech soon. See you in Seattle in about a week 🙂

  3. You are done already! (envy) Please come by school and see us when you arrive.

  4. Bonnie and Hans, Will you be making it back to Iowa? Think about your mom and wonder how she is doing. Take care. Bobbie Schuster

  5. Congratulations on end of school! Have a great summer there and maybe see you one of these days when schedules allow. Getting ready to mow grass, first time. Beth’s teaching a 3-day class across the bay and both works and family have us scrambling. Have to wonder if you will do ragbrai?
    Safe travels!


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