Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | October 9, 2011

Physical Fitness a la Billy

A few years ago I was fortunate to work with a group of PE teachers on reviewing and adopting new curriculum aligned to the standards. They were an energetic group; we had many fun meetings and I learned a whole lot about changing PE classes from games to physical fitness. This week’s blog post is dedicated to that group.

Here’s a peek at our daily 30 minute physical fitness routine. After running around the gym for a few laps to increase cardiovascular endurance, we do some flexibility and strengthening conditioning using a variety of yoga poses and examples from observing Billy’s classes.

Cobra (could also perhaps be called seal)


Downward dog (not to be confused with mad cat or howling dog, which, unfortunately there are no photos of)

Imaginary biking

Superman, fly!


After a good bit of those kinds of activities, we’re ready to learn a new game, play an old game, do skill station work, or (the students’ favorite) it’s time for creating and running though obstacle courses.

More balance practice

The ever-popular tunnel crawl

Hoop hopping

And plenty of over, under

All cooled down, lined up and ready to transition back to classroom activities

While we’re working on becoming more physically fit in the gym, folks in the village are getting physically fit by lifting and cutting up caribou, putting away dried fish in caches, and pulling and storing boats and motors as ice begins to float down the river.

This evening’s view was too pretty not to share…

View from the window; 8:00 pm

And, as a final note, tomorrow is Maniilaq Day in this region. Last October’s post (2010) has information if you missed it or forgot what that was all about. Please watch this short video and reconsider Columbus Day.



  1. OUTSTANDING! This is great to see. And not a Big Mac in sight…

    (I love the idea of Cobra being renamed Seal)

  2. Great to see all those developmentally appropriate fitness activities!! Even better to see those smiles! I feel so honored to make the title of a Bonnie and Hans blog post. Keep up the great work.
    We just had our termination dust two days ago and a few nights below 30* here in Missoula…Look out ski season, here we come!

  3. I’m highly enjoying the student on the far right of the imaginary biking photo. Looks like a fun P.E. class! Plus, way to put in a plug for Reconsider Columbus Day.

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