Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | October 16, 2011

Living in a Trailer, Overlooking the River

More and more ice came down the river and then it snowed and then it melted and then it froze and then it snowed. That’s pretty much a recap of this week.

Freeze up time

Floating ice; approaching motionlessness

Well-worn path from school to home

The back door (with the school gym in the background)

And now a little home tour of the trailer overlooking the river.

Upon entering door #1, you see door #2. All houses here have an arctic entry.

View slightly to the right. Inupiaq word for this: qanisaq--entrance hall, shed.

Bedroom: big enough for a queen-size bed, but not much more.

Bathroom: big enough for a shower/tub, toilet, sink, washer/dryer, but not much more.

Half of the long, skinny hallway

The whole long, skinny hallway

Teeny second bedroom with single bed...

...and everything from food to paper and stamps... all the stuff you need to put on to stay warm at 40 below and below.

Kitchen/living room

Thermos of coffee, good book, great view out the window. Nice.

Kitchen counter: room enough for a dish drainer, toaster, hot pot, cutting board, but not much more.

Good spot to read a book or watch a Netflix.

Good spot to read a book, or watch a Netflix, or check email, or just take in the view.

There you have it; a complete tour of our small, but comfortable, functional trailer overlooking the river where we’ve shared many tasty meals and good conversations with interesting friends.

Final thought for this week: there were thousands of the 99% who joined the Occupy Wall Street movement all over U.S. and the world this weekend including this Alaskan.



  1. Thanks for the preview…see you soon!

  2. Good to see a tour of the place! I enjoyed the “Occupy the Tundra” picture. Love, Anna B.

  3. Thanks for the tour of you domain. You are so neat and organized!But then in those small spaces one has to be, organized that is. Less house to heat and less floor to sweep. #loved your pictures of the northern lights. We have been told they were visable here a couple of times but then there is too much light where I live to see them. Elsie

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