Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | October 30, 2011

Food: 100 Mile Diet Not

The original 100 Mile Diet folks lived here for centuries. The land provided everything from fish, moose, caribou, berries, greens, roots, and oil. Although people still eat traditional local foods, there’s a lot that comes from thousands of miles away.

One day last week the students were involved in special cultural activities at school. Elders and local experts guided the kids though a variety of activities; one of them being cutting up a caribou.

Skinning the caribou

Cutting up the meat

The meat is lean and delicious; used for soups, stews, roasted, or fried. Food that is not locally harvested comes on a plane (along with passengers, mail, and freight).

Caravans and Navajos fly in four times a day.

The food goes from the airstrip to the co-op store by 4-wheeler, snowmachine, sled and/or truck. The store has a little bit of everything. You can buy Pampers, pop, pizza, pans, and pork.

The Native Store

Four aisles of boxed and canned goods

Need hardware? They probably have it.

Snowsuits or motor oil? They have it!

Here's a happy shopper stocking up on Halloween candy.

The store carries a variety of sewing and knitting supplies, frozen foods (there was ice cream last week!), a few toys, and they also sell gasoline and heating fuel.

Gas: $9.59 a gallon

Yes, that’s right; $9.59 a gallon for gasoline. When everything is flown in, it’s expensive. And, you can’t get everything. When we lived here 35 years ago the store was smaller, planes flew in only twice a week, and fresh produce was unheard of unless it was grown in a garden in the summer. Now the store usually has potatoes and onions, and sometimes there are apples, bananas, peppers and lettuce or cabbage. We wanted fresh produce more regularly so we subscribe to the Full Circle Farms Box, which comes every two weeks. It arrives on the same airplanes as the store food and this week we picked it up with our mail.

Shopping trip

Picking up the produce box

Sled-load of goods

This week's box: celery, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, apples, avocado, pears, oranges, peppers, etc.

Last night we had a Thousands of Miles Meal.

Pizza: peppers, ham, black olive, onion, cheese

Marla's apple pie

We try to balance those Thousands of Miles meals with some local caribou, salmon, shee-fish and berries.  Bon appetit!



  1. Ahhh! I’m so excited Marla got to visit you!!!!! By the way, nice alliteration under the picture of the plane 🙂

  2. You got to eat Marla’s Apple Pie in the arctic?! Jealous! It was fun to see a picture of her shopping too. Happy Halloween

  3. Is there any trick-or-treating gong on? I’m still kind of hoping Anna and Hans C. will come knock on my door. Probably not going to happen. Bryon hasn’t been by, no Shepard boys or Landoni’s. Hmmmm…Loving to read the goings-on.

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