Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | November 20, 2011

Story Problem

“Many students fear and despise the mathematics story problems (word problems) they encounter in their classes. Math anxiety is a real life experience and is usually made worse by the thought of having to solve a story problem.

The truth is, life itself is made up of a long series of story problems and those whose solution requires the use of our math skills are not difficult once a few simple strategies are learned.”  –  Robert Leatherwood, PhD

If a person with a normal body temperature goes out for a walk at 4:08 pm in -24 degree temperatures wearing a hat, jacket, gloves and boots, and there’s a north wind to 10 mph, and the person has a 48 sq cm hole in her jeans, how long will it take to get cold?



  1. First of all, where are your long johns (2 pairs layered)?

    My response to the question is, the amount of time it takes to fully open the door.

    Stay warm!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. She’ll never get cold because she was already brain-dead or else she never would’ve gone outside at 4:08, -24 degrees with a 48 cm hole in her jeans.
    Now put on you snuggie underwear and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  3. ..and since sunset was at 3:39 p.m. today, it must have been getting dark aswell as cold, so I hope the walk was short.

    I know you have snow pants, but evidently not enough sense to wear them!

  4. Before the door opens! Depending on the person’s sensitivity to cold, I would guess 99.9% of people would start feeling cold before they go out….and w/o snow pants and a hole in the pants, well that seals the deal.
    The person is most likely feeling cold before going out because they know in their mind (from previous experience) what that outside temperature feels like.

  5. It was a trick question! According to the problem, she was only wearing “a hat, jacket, gloves and boots.” She must have frozen immediately! This picture was probably taken another day when she decided to wear her holy pants 🙂

  6. God only knows why you went outside..I suppose you have to if you want to get anywhere. Plug that hole!
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving you two! Put on the long johns and go out.
    Blessings, Bev

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