Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | December 11, 2011

Hello Darkness, Good-bye Sun

There are people who don’t like living in a place that doesn’t have four distinct seasons. I’m starting to think I won’t like living in a place that doesn’t have 24 hours of sunlight and (almost) 24 hours of darkness. The kids in Bonnie’s class have been graphing the amount of daylight on a weekly basis and now have almost completed a quarter of a year, beginning on fall equinox and finishing up on winter solstice. Today’s sunrise was at 12:10 pm and sunset was at 2:33 pm.

Weekly change in amount of daylight (note the daylight savings time blurp)

The class wants to continue plotting daylight/darkness until the end of school and are getting anxious to see the graph “go the other way.

We had close to three weeks of temperatures ranging from -20 to -37. That coldness inspired the following art project…

This past week it warmed up and snowed. A lot. We didn’t get many planes in. Then the wind began to blow, piling up snow in tall drifts and leaving other places down to dirt. We had to un-bury the thermometer.

At least we could tell it wasn't below zero.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas–inside that is. It’s been looking a lot like Christmas outside since October.

The Simpson-like Santa mobiles and paper wreaths.

Thursday night is the school Christmas program so you know what we’ll be doing this week in addition to all the regular learning and making parent presents. We may even break out the glitter!



  1. Your room looks very festive. Wish I had been there to help glue those Santa eyes…

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