Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | January 22, 2012

Sunshine on my Shoulders Makes me Happy

The sunshine on my shoulders was actually on my down coat’s shoulders today. But it was sunshine none-the-less. And it DID make me happy. Last week when I walked the kids to the usual dispersal spot on their way home from school and we came around the two-story city office, there were shouts of joy as we stepped from long shadows to sunshine. In unison, almost like little birds, they uplifted their hooded and scarfed faces towards the light and paused for a moment before running toward their homes.

Here’s a little view around the village today; still cold at -34, but seeming warmer due to the welcome return of direct sunshine.

Welcome back sunshine. We missed you while you were gone.



  1. It’s nice to be able to recognize some of the spots where you snapped pictures. Glad to hear the sun is out, even though it’s still chilly! Love, Anna B.

  2. I’m glad you got out for a walk in the sunshine. Here’s to longer hours of sunlight!

  3. Aint the sun great! Interesting observation where I live; more people show up for breakfast when the sun shows up first. Enjoy all the liquid gold from the sky you can.

  4. I can just picture the kids looking toward the sun before running off…how fun!

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