Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | February 12, 2012

Out for a Ride

In a week the temperature went up almost 80 degrees, so yesterday we decided to go for a snowmobile ride to Kobuk. It’s only about 10-12 miles and with the warmer temperatures, it felt almost tropical (but we still bundled up some).

On the trail to Kobuk.


We taught here from 1984-86 and one of the kindergarten kids is now maintenance person for the school.

Sitting on Styrofoam, not a chunk of snow or ice.

Well-marked trail with tripods (not needed this day),

Trail too bumpy or tired of sitting? Ride the runners.

It was a good day for a ride–sunny and warm. The trail goes through tundra and woods, crosses some creeks and lakes, and then drops down to the Kobuk River for the final mile or two. We had a great visit with the principal-teacher, a former student, and a current student who was extra helpful. Nice.

Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. Fun! Another one of my favorite posts. It reminds me of your post about taking the trash to the dump on the snowmachine. Much love!

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