Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | March 11, 2012


Bonnie had a bothersome tooth; sensitive to hot and cold foods, and even breathing in cold air (which we’ve had a lot of) wasn’t fun. So, what do you do when you have a toothache way out here? You go to the dentist in Anchorage. Last Saturday was spent getting ready for a sub and Sunday she flew first to Kotzebue in a Caravan (the Turbine Engine Caravan can accommodate 9 passengers or three thousand pounds of cargo) and then on to Anchorage in a Boeing 737 jet (which can accommodate more than 9 people and lots of cargo).

Caravan full of people.

Bonnie was getting into Anchorage as the Iditarod teams were starting out on the trail. Downtown was quiet on Monday after a full weekend.

Downtown Anchorage statue marking the starting line for the Iditarod and Fur Rondezvous dog mushing races.

Big photo mural in downtown Anchorage.

One of many ice sculptures.

After seeing the dentist, it was time to get back in the planes and fly back to the village.

Hotham Inlet frozen over (the Kobuk River empties into this body of water).

Look closely to see the ice road on the river that connects Kotzebue, Noorvik and Kiana (the village in the photo) during the winter.

Spaghetti streams

Only 3 passengers this flight; more freight; conduit

Back home. Hopefully insurance will cover the dentist bill and some of the extras.

Flight costs: $1079.  Hotel cost: $149.76.  Ouch!  



  1. Yikes, brush! …and that doesn’t include the dentist bill. Hope they fixed you up good!

  2. So sorry to hear about the tooth! Reminds me of one Christmas when I had a married couple on my flight heading home to MN for the holidays. They were teachers in a small village and all of their tearful students had come to see them off when they departed by bush plane that morning. The students feared they wouldn’t return because they had had quite a turnover of teachers the year before. One male teacher had left with a toothache and never returned! I’m glad you went back 🙂 I was just in ANC yesterday. Tried to walk in my running shoes in 0 degrees. Ouch. Headed quickly back to the Snow City Cafe for breakfast and hot coffee to warm up! Makes me think of you when I’m there.

  3. Hope you are well Bonnie – must have been some trip!

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