Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | March 18, 2012

March in Alaska

It’s March in Alaska and that means so many things. First of all, it’s the start (and finish) of the Iditarod. Who can’t get excited about that? All the mushers (who may not exactly be looking like what you’d expect of world-class athletes), those hardy dogs, the uncertainty of the weather and the trail, and all the stories that unfold each day of the race (so many good stories there at Alaska Dispatch; real them all!). Those news stories will tell you that Dallas Seavey won the race, but really it was the kids in Bonnie’s class who completed 1,168 “miles” (of book reading) first. One book equaled one mile and with the help of Hans’ middle school students, they crossed the finish line about 9 hours faster than Dallas. Woot-woot!

Winning the Idita-read!

Not only were there dogs and mushers, and kid readers racing from Anchorage to Nome, that same trail hosts people-powered racers in the Iditarod Invitational race. That is: people walking, skiing, snowshoeing or biking on the trail. Where else would you find such a thing in March? This year the beginning of the trail had so much snow that the bikers were pushing or carrying their bikes for miles and miles.

March also means the start of spring. Don’t be thinking green now, be thinking sunshine. Lots and lots of sunshine. Don’t forget your sunglasses! The sunshine is deceiving however, the night-time temperatures here this past week were -37 and it only warmed up to -8 during the day.

Bright sunshine, but nothing's melting.

We haven’t had snow for a long time, and the tundra is wind-swept. Some new snow would be nice for skiing.

Not much snow.

This March has also been good for seeing wildlife. Right out the window, every day, at all times of the day, we see foxes. One day one was prancing a little fancier as it passed by with a ptarmigan in its mouth. There’s been a scrawny, pumpkin colored cat slinking by, too. But we get a little more excited when the big moose walks right past the window.

Better than TV.

March–it’s been quite a month already and it’s only half gone.



  1. Congratulations to your Idita-read winners! We do something like that here too, only here it is eating. We no longer have three squares a day — it is three rectangles. Glad to see you back on the blog. Tooth all better? Elsie

  2. Yayy to your class of readers 🙂
    Guess what!? We’re coming to Alaska in August! We’re going to be staying with Max. We’d love to see you as well, but I’m afraid it might be difficult. My Mom first had the idea, and then Amanda’s family liked the idea so they decided to go as well. Max said “the more the merrier” so the “A” Team is going too. Hope Max really meant what he said. I’ve alwasy wanted to see Alaska!!
    Hope you are well!!

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