Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | April 8, 2012

Rabbits and Bunnies and Hares, Oh My!

Last week the Alaska State tests for all students in grades 3-10, and any 11th or 12th graders who still needed to pass the tests for high school graduation took place. Because we had so many grade levels to test and many students who needed accommodations, all the rooms in the school were needed for testing so Bonnie had class with 28 K-2 kids in the gym.

Every afternoon she took them out for a hike. Lucky for Bonnie, lucky for the kids, the Inupiaq instructor accompanied them.

Perfect hiking weather; 15 degrees, plenty of sunshine, no wind, packed trail.

We learned that at this time of the year rabbits are snowblind, which makes for good rabbit hunting or snaring. After observing all the rabbit tracks, we learned about setting snares. Look for the willows rabbits are eating, but don’t put a snare on those. The rabbit could eat through the willow and get away. Put the snare on the drier willows next to it.

Rabbit food.

In addition to learning about rabbits, the Inupiaq instructor pointed out the top of a beaver dam and lodge/igloo. People here shoot and trap beavers but never disturb the igloo. The Elders tell them that a beaver igloo is like their houses with a room for food, a room for the babies and even a bathroom. Each afternoon we hiked to a different location, learning about the local environment and taking some time to play.

Playing "Fox & Geese Tag" aka "Pizza Tag"

Saturday we awoke to -23 degree temperatures and bundled up to drive the snowgo and sled over to Kobuk for their annual community “Breakfast with the Easter Bunny”.

After a delicious breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausages, juice, coffee, tea, egg/ham biscuits, and applesauce or jello, who should wonderously appear but the Easter Bunny! (EB stayed around long enough for hugs, to hand out Easter baskets and for photo ops.)

Proper attire for the event: not Easter Bonnets, but Bunny Boots!


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