Posted by: Bonnie & Hans | April 22, 2012

Waiting for Some Color

The look outside is changing from white to white and brown, but it’s still pretty monochromatic.

Brown and white

Good thing there’s some art in the halls for our color-starved eyes. (Art by Bonnie’s K-1 Class)

Faces created with blue masking tape.

"On King! On you Huskies!"

Studying light and shadows.

Oil pastel fox

Custom-paint-job snowmachines

Of course, it wouldn’t be art without some self-portraits.

Special thanks to Martha and Anna for art inspiration! Wish you were here to create with us.



  1. Wow! You can see the ground. I loved the art work, especially the blue tape portraits.

  2. Your updates are always so interesting and innovative. You are great teachers – for readers of your blog and your lucky students!

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